October 27th, 2007

breaking bad

Hospital corners

Thanks to my f-list I have found out today that unmade beds are healthier (because the exposed linen dries out and cools off so it doesn't harbour critters). I never really see the point of making a bed, because nobody is going to see it, except people who are going to get into it, and they aren't bothered*. I am comfier sleeping in a bed that is all scruffy and messed up, with pillows under the blankets and spare quilts and things.

It was different when we used blankets instead of quilts I suppose. I'm old enough to remember those days. As we weren't very well off I didn't have enough blankets so I had to pile all my jumpers and other clothes on the bed to try to keep warm. Perhaps my preference for a plethora of lovely duvets and covers and extra pillows is a reaction to that.

More likely I'm just a scruffy old layabout. Inspection of my desk at work would tend to bear this out. :-)

*'Unhand me madam, this bedroom is a complete disgrace!'