October 24th, 2007

breaking bad

Spooks eps 2 and 3

Spooks 2 was terrific fun and I simply couldn't stop myself from watching episode 3 on BBC3. They are managing to maintain a good excitement level while clinging to the vague edges of plausibility by a few fingernails. I won't go into details because of spoilers, but I like the casting of the newest team member, I'm becoming more impressed by the winsome youngster's acting chops, and the outrageous plot developments and dodgy dealings made me laugh.

spoilery review of ep 2 here

Tonight I'm planning to watch the modern reversioning of Frankenstein on ITV: 'I'm talking about a full-body organ transplant'. Eats, nuts and bolts.

ETA spoilers in comments now
breaking bad


Well, I thought it was quite good because it seemed to have been put together by people who knew and cared about the book, and the 1930s film. It managed to insert some of the iconic imagery from both of them, such as the neck bolts, and the lightening shocking the monster to life, in a relatively plausible way. I thought it captured the emotional sense of the book - that pity and horror and the sense of blame. The police man 'What monster is responsible for this?'

ETA - this morning I discover it was written by the guy who wrote 'Bodies' (BBC2), a medical gynae-horror show that hardly anyone on my f-list watched.