October 13th, 2007

breaking bad

Comic Strip retrospective

A couple of nights ago I watched Mr Jolly Lives Next Door which was an episode of 'The Comic Strip Presents'. That series was just about the only telly I watched in the eighties (that and Edge of Darkness).

Mr Jolly introduces the vile (ie funny) Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall characters that became the protagonists of 'Bottom': greedy, violent and stupid. What I hadn't realised until I saw the credits is that this episode was directed by Stephen Frears (as in 'The Grifters', 'The Queen', 'My Beautiful Launderette').

And, imdb tells me, Frears also directed 'The Bullshitters', which is a great Comic Strip episode. It features Elvis Costello, and it's got Peter Richardson snogging Keith Allen. Big time. ETA clip

But my favourite ever is probably The Supergrass, in which Peter Richardson looks particularly yummy and most importantly, Robbie Coltrane walks down a sea wall with a chainsaw, jumps into the ocean and saws a yacht in half. Amazing TV.

ETA clip here and worth watching the next part too