September 23rd, 2007

breaking bad

'This is torture at its most bizarre and terrible'

Batman, batgirl, and Robin tied up in a human knot. This was what children's telly was like when I was a little girl, and it made me what I am today. It's not the troilism and bondage, it's that bat-mask.

But what was it like shooting this scene, Burt Ward, aka Robin the Boy Wonder?

"Taking a clinching position with Yvonne and Adam before the shot, with our arms and legs intricately and tightly interwoven, was hilarious and titillating. Adam, wild man that he is, playfully began groping me on the legs and buttocks. At first I thought it was Yvonne (or maybe I just wished it) and didn't resist, but Yvonne is a classy lady who would never stoop to such perversion."

link from metafilter