September 14th, 2007

breaking bad

3.10 to Yuma

Hey Firefly Fans - Alan Tudyk is in it! But that's not important right now! Over to Peter Bradshaw.

Inevitably, Wade and Evans (Russell Crowe and Christian Bale) develop a rapport of sorts. Thrown together, they are the only real men in a rabble of sycophants, cowards and proto-corporate city-slicker types employed by the stagecoach company. Crowe always has a good line in twinkly-eyed charm, allied to the promise of brute force. Bale brings to this role, as to every other, a fierce physicality and absolute commitment. Together, they strike some sparks.

That's what I'm doing tonight then.
breaking bad

3.10 to Yuma (having seen it)

3.10 to Yuma is a remake of a 1950s Glenn Ford Western, from a story by Elmore Leonard. I do like Westerns, and this one was a good vintage. But what I was mainly thinking all the way through was - Christian Bale and Russell Crowe - what a couple of butch beauties. Oh my god. And does Russell Crowe have it written into his standard contract that he has to be chained up? In bed? I do hope so.
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