September 1st, 2007

breaking bad

Women's work

Torque Control points to an interesting post about fan-video.

Vidding, like a lot of women's art, exists in the chinks of the world-machine; and the world-machine will crush it out of indifference as much as malice ... Both academics and journalists tend to cast this expression of female desire as a pathology or a joke, at the same time erasing desires that don't fit into the easily fashioned and very comfortable story of women indulging in an excess of heteronormativity.

They include an embedded video of a fan video called 'Women's Work'. You might want to watch it (it's at the top of the blog linked to 'interesting post') before you read on, or read the article, because I completely misinterpreted the video the first time I watched it. Or anyway, I interpreted it differently from its makers' intentions. So I'd be interested in how it strikes you at first sight.
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