August 26th, 2007

breaking bad

A watershed

I had a slight feeling I might be getting long-sighted so I went for an eye test yesterday. I now have reading glasses for the first time in my life. Which I have just put on after typing that sentence: I find it hard to remember, but when I put them on I do notice a difference to close text. The trouble is they make everything more than arm's length away look blurry, so I have to keep whipping them off.

Last night I had a feeling that I recognised: a kind of heavy dragging feeling in my gut, and I realised what it was - it's the feeling of adjusting to a new routine. I get it when I start a new job or move house or learn a new skill. It's quite an unpleasant sensation, as well as the dragging, there's a sort of gloom (mild in this case because it's a small change).

It will wear off after a few days, and then I'll have got used to the glasses.

This kind of adjustment period (for anything, not just for glasses), with physical or emotional symptoms, familiar to anyone else?