July 6th, 2007

Gene hunt

Ashes to Ashes.

What do you think about my theory (from a comment to kalypso_v) that in the sequel to Life on Mars - Ashes to Ashes - Gene Hunt may be a heroin addict? I'm basing this on three things. Firstly internal story plausibility: his brother is a junkie and Gene is borderline alcoholic, so he's vulnerable to addiction. Secondly, meta-story logic: heroin had a massive impact on Manchester in the 1980s. Thirdly, the clue is in the lyrics. The lyrics to the song 'Life on Mars' aren't unrelated to the storyline of the show, so will there be a similar relationship this time?

Ashes to Ashes revisits the hero of Bowie's first big hit, Space Oddity, eleven years later. That may, plus its early eighties timing, be the only reason they have chosen it. Or there may be more to it?
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This week I read Slan by AE Van Vogt, which I picked up in a book exchange at a party last weekend. It was one of those ten or so highly influential SF books published just after the 2nd World War; I've heard a lot about it but somehow never read it.
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