June 4th, 2007

breaking bad

Dirty Dali

I watched a program by Brian Sewell about Salvador Dali on Channel 4 last night (Guardian review here).

With his sensational Channel 4 TV documentary about Salvador Dalí, Sewell may have created his masterpiece... it recounts the story of his "mutually confessional" friendship with the surrealist master, which flowered over four summers at Dalí's home in Cadaques on the Costa Brava in the late 60s and early 70s. Sewell was a comely young man holidaying alone, and the ageing Dalí invited him back to his house for lunch à trois with his wife, Gala.

I had to laugh when Sewell recalled an occasion when he was naked, lying in the armpit of a huge figure of Christ constructed out of debris, while Salvador Dali photographed him masturbating. Sewell said 'I had to wonder where it would all end'. Where it would end?
breaking bad

Human Nature etc.

Excellent review of the two-part Doctor Who (Human Nature and The Family of Blood) by abigail here. I tend to agree with people who would have cut the multiple-endings, and stopped at the point that Joan rejects the doctor.

Can anyone remember the name of the spooky Edwardian short story about an upper class boy with second-sight who foresees himself dying in a great war. They made a BBC drama out of it, decades ago, of which this two-parter was quite reminiscent. I thought both episodes benefited from a healthy dose of MR James-style evil.