May 26th, 2007

breaking bad

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A very interesting post to the Life on Mars community, comparing the British and American versions of the script. Specifically the scene where Gene smashes Sam against the wall and announces he's having hoops.

Sam: What year is it supposed to be?
Hunt: What year do you think it is, son?
Sam: It's 2007. And who the hell are you?
Hunt: Gene Hunt. Welcome aboard, come on in, we'll get you all set up.

[The American version of the smash against the wall]

Hunt: You listen to me... I've had a coupla bad experiences with time travelers, so I'm in no fucking mood! This is MY Department, it's 1972, and that concludes your orientation.
Sam: Get your hands off me!
Hunt: My hands aren't on you. This is affection, If my hands were on you it would be like this.

Do you know, one would like to sneer, but that could be quite good.

ETA - some people on the community think it's a hoax - could be. Perhaps more likely it's a sample included with a 'treatment' just to move things along a bit

Whole lotta love

This is just a little post to remind myself of a couple of youtube links I want to remember. I would set it private but I think there are a few people on my f-list with an enthusiasm, who might like these.

Here is a seven-minute compilation of vincent d'onofrio clips. You may or may not like the music, which is Janis Joplin, and the editing is fluid but not exceptional. The visuals are a treat. A treat. Adult rating.

Here's another Boy from New York City