May 5th, 2007

breaking bad


Last night I stayed up with H to watch Withnail and I. It's generally in most 'top ten' British films. I thought it was good, what can I say. Like so many historical films, it seems as much in the time it was made (the eighties) as in the time it was set (the late sixties): the less publicised bit of the eighties, which was dissolute young fellows in long coats smoking and lying around in scruffy rooms. God I went out with enough of 'em at the time.

I noticed that drug-dealer Danny, inventor of the Camberwell Carrot, was Inspector Frank Morgan from Life on Mars. And he was also '85' (so named from his IQ), the thick security guard in Alien3.
breaking bad

The good end happily and the bad unhappily: that's what fiction means

There's an interesting post here from Nick Mamatas about his experience of talking about his satirical fantasy book 'Under My Roof' to a class of adult English students (alas, I am not clear what level of qualification).

The class was absolutely scandalized by my work. Indeed, about half the questions asked had, as a subtext, "How dare you write this book!" I was asked several times if I didn't think that a kid might read the book and build a bomb or become a racist or anti-American. Often, I was asked questions structured like this: "In the book you call poor people sad fuckers. Isn't that anti-poor?" And I'd explain that in the book a character calls some poor people he encounters sad fuckers, and that is different from me saying that of all poor people. Then the next question would be, "In the book, you say that Muslims are terrorists..." and then "In your book, you say that soldiers are dumb..."

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breaking bad


I thought this Doctor Who episode, the Lazarus Experiment, was jolly good. It was pretty much drenched with references to other stuff, and it made me feel quite thrilled and excited. I do so hope they continue to ease back on the explicit and keep it all innuendo and poetry and repression - after all we are British and it's much more interesting that way. My best thing in Doctor Who is where it makes everyday life seem an adventure.

It was by the writer of the recent Wide Sargasso Sea, and the director of the Life on Mars 'IRA' and 'Wife Swap' episodes.

I think the trailer at the end had extracts from several different future episodes, but it gave me a massive thrill. I wished they had let Jacobi play Shakespeare, though I suppose he's too old now. It has to be treated like a big deal, and then it is a big deal. And John Simm - he will be a great Time Lord.