May 3rd, 2007

breaking bad

Voting today

I can't let election day pass without any comment, specially as my son is a first-time voter. Coventry went Tory at the last local election so I think I have to vote Labour (candidate here seen ordering a pizza). I'm tempted to vote for the Socialist Party, who have got councillors in Coventry, but I think in my ward, which is marginal, I need to get the Tories out before anything else. Only Labour, Tory and Greens have canvassed in this area. hafren sums up my thoughts very well: "I am hoping Gorgeous Gordon will finally give me a party I can vote positively for. We shall see..."

ETA - oh, I just looked more carefully at the Soc P. website - they have decided not to stand candidates in this area

EATA - disgraceful, there was a BNP candidate on the ballot. I thought Coventry people had more sense.