April 30th, 2007

breaking bad

'Is that gobshite ever off the telly?'

I think someone at the BBC has cottoned on to the fact that Mark Gatiss is a clever chap, and he now appears in approx 90% of all BBC output. The League of Gentlemen team were on Derren Brown (not BBC) the other evening and while they are all sharp enough, he was noticeably very bright indeed. I was doing my normal shouting-at-the-TV routine 'It's a trick, Gatiss has figured it out!' etc. He's only five years younger than me, and we lived in the same town when we were teenagers, shame that five years = a different generation at that age.

Anyway, I think I mentioned he is the selfish stepbrother in the new Sense and Sensibility. He's in next week's Doctor Who (of course) and last night on BBC4 I saw a one hour dramatisation of 'The Worst Journey in the World' (by Apsley Cherry-Garrard) which he wrote and starred in. It was amusing that this is one of the few biographical films I've seen where the character portrayed is better looking than the actor who plays him. Bless. The dramatisation was, I thought, touching and exciting and made jolly good telly.

And I also read this weekend that he's dramatising his own 'Lucifer Box' series of novels for television, and will be starring as the eponymous Mr Box. In this article Box is described as 'like Flashman but batting for both sides' so obviously it will feature cricket quite heavily.