April 7th, 2007

breaking bad


Sunshine is a good old-fashioned SF film, from Alex Garland and Danny Boyle. It's about a ship travelling to the sun, to sort of reboot it with a big nuclear device. It's all the journey of the space ship, with a small cast in a small(ish) set. Compared to most of the garbage that's on at the cinema these days it's a great improvement, and except for the central premise it more or less makes sense; nothing about it was jarringly wrong. In fact it is nice to see a space journey of eight light minutes being accurately portrayed as an immensely difficult challenge which takes several years to complete.

The computer graphics are good and essential for conveying the huge killing forces with which the crew are trying to grapple. The big concern is to keep the huge Shields (physics of these left unclear) in between the ship and the sun. You never forget the immensity and power of the sun.

I thought the film was possibly too edited down. It was 1 hour 40, and I think it could have been extended to two hours or more. Some of the events seemed rushed and I thought we didn't get to know the people as well as we might have. A problem, compared to Alien for instance is that these are the elite of the Earth so of course they are not a bunch of entertaining misfits, but heroic geniuses under a lot of strain. In that respect, more like 2001 than Alien or Event Horizon.
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breaking bad

Off on my hols

Off to Dorset now - have a good week. I hope those at eastercon are having a great time. I'll try to find an Internet cafe in Lyme Regis on Wednesday to check on people's thoughts about the Life on Mars Finale. Take it easy.