March 26th, 2007

breaking bad

Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey (ITV last night) was much better than Mansfield Park. I think this was for two reasons - one, it's a much slighter and more accessible book, second the script was by Andrew Davies who really knows what he's doing. He understood the basic structure of the story, or so it seems to me. I also thought Catherine Morland was played in a very adorable way, and I liked the use of little clips from the gothic novel going on in her head. And the tension between the imaginary pretend-badness that she flirts with and the actual real badness that is brushing up against her all the time and threatening her without her noticing. I liked it.
breaking bad

The music of sin

From slacktivist comes this video. A man named Alan Ives makes a living trying to turn Christians away from “ungodly” music. This is a sermon in which he plays instruments, where he explains the difference between godly and ungodly melodies and rhythms. He's actually got a reasonable musical ear, and he explains what (for instance) 'backbeat' is, and how it differs from 'breakbeat' (while decrying both as sinful). At the end he explains that 'dance music' which 'appeals to the body' is ungodly. Godly music can only have a marching beat. Nothing else. Syncopation is evil, 'Eight to the bar makes a body want to dance', 'Emphasis on beats two and four in the bar does not belong in godly music'.

I think the features which set off his 'sin' detectors are musical forms which originate outside of Europe, music which gives him personal pleasure (I feel he is frightened by his own body wanting to dance, when he says 'it makes the body want' he means 'it makes my body want') and music which reminds him he is rooted in flesh, listening with a body of flesh.

Anyway he's a bit like the Bill Bailey of theology.
breaking bad

Amsterdam ticket

I meant to post this earlier. A friend has been let down at the last minute by a companion and has two plane tickets to Amsterdam, which I think can be transferred to any airport in England, for the coming weekend. Get in touch with me (here or by email to my usual address or and I'll put you in touch.