March 7th, 2007

breaking bad

Hard agnosticism

temeres asked me what my religious beliefs were. I believe it is impossible for the human mind to frame an accurate and complete notion about the nature of existence - our brains don't have the capacity. There's no way around that. Every religious idea is wrong, and its converse is wrong: 'there is a god' and 'there is no god' are both equally wrong. I'd call this hard, or radical, agnosticism ('It is impossible to know' as opposed to soft agnosticism, which is just 'I don't know'). That is the impossibility of knowing is inherent in the nature of the universe, and the nature of the human mind.
breaking bad

My day

Just got back from the hospital, they are still trying to find out why I have been fainting. Had to have a bit of a poke around at my innards, so I'm feeling a bit wobbly now. Said 'no' to more surgery. Hope my answers below made sense, I'm actually a bit floaty. However, I am off to see Coriolanus again in half an hour, with happytune and edge_of_ruin. This will make up for everything.