March 4th, 2007

breaking bad

in praise of slacktivist

slacktivist is an American evangelical Christian, whose blog I admire. Since September 2003 he has been systematically deconstructing a single book, in this series of posts which I try to catch up with weekly (in blog style those are in reverse chronological order, of you follow that link). It is a phenomenal work of analytical reading - in the three and a half years he has been producing this account, he has covered fewer than three hundred pages of a single book.

And is it a good book? No, it's a crappy book, possibly one of the worst ever written. If I say it's considerably worse than the Da Vinci Code you'll understand how much I despise it. The book is the first of the Left Behind series of novels. The action takes place just after the 'Rapture' which has spirited all the children and foetuses on Earth, and a few select evangelical Christian adults, up to heaven. In the world that remains the United Nations is taken over by the anti Christ ('Nikolai Carpathia of Roumania') and his evil scientist sidekick ('Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig of Israel').
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