February 27th, 2007

breaking bad

ITV drama

The other week ninebelow asked 'what is the point of ITV'? There's one thing I think ITV does well, and it's the only thing I watch on ITV (except perhaps a film now and then). That's gloomy and sadistically violent murder mysteries with embittered detectives. Those are cracking on ITV. The daddy of them all is Taggart, still going strong after twenty years (just checked on wikipedia - 24 years!) and there was Prime Suspect and Minder Cracker. The Vice. Touching Evil. Wire in the Blood (that was the most explicitly sadistic of the lot). Trial and Retribution. Rebus.

Last night I watched the latest, called 'Instinct', starring Anthony Flanagan. It's too early to say what it's going to be like. The detective is emotionally bottled up, psychologically screwed up, and preternaturally intuitive as per usual. The crimes are dark and unpleasant as per usual. The family dramas feature murky pasts as per usual.

So, yes, this is the type of thing I watch more than SF these days.
breaking bad

Book quiz

At Redemption there was a 'recognise the book covers' quiz. There were posters up on the wall, of book covers with the titles removed. According to sugoll, the person who won was the only one who entered. Well, there was a lot to do and I forgot.

The book covers (pics a bit grainy) are here. Apparently the file names of the pics give the game away, but I haven't checked those yet (ETA - having checked them they give you a good clue, the name of the author, for those who are stumped)

Even an absent-minded type like me recognises more than one of them. In fact I believe there is at least one book written by one of my lj-friends lurking in there.

I think I've read numbers 3, 6, 10, 11, 16, 17 (didn't like it), 18, 21, 22 (didn't like it) and 23

Post answers in comments? Or is that too much like hard work for this time of day?