February 6th, 2007

breaking bad

In front of a live studio audience

Here is part of Deadwood Series 3 (a bit spoilery) set to a laff-track like an American sitcom. It makes you notice the pacing of the scenes, with punch-lines. There are pauses, thinking-time, which resemble the spaces left for laughter in a sitcom.

And have you seen these Deadwood promos, which use Biblical texts (I hadn't)?

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall know the kingdom of heaven

The body is not one member, but many

I like ensemble shows, where the body is not one member but many. In a lot of TV SF - and none the worse for this - the characterisation is a bit like in a mediaeval mystery play, or Pilgrim's Progress: 'I am lust and ignorance', 'I am wisdom that shall go with thee' etc. In Deadwood it is a little more convoluted than that.
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