February 5th, 2007

breaking bad


Charlie Brooker wrote a good rant about the Mac advert which utilises Mitchell and Webb as personifications of the two computers (ad here).

when you see the ads, you think, "PCs are a bit rubbish yet ultimately lovable, whereas Macs are just smug, preening tossers." In other words,it is a devastatingly accurate campaign.

As a commentator on Crooked Timber says:

It’s just “creative type” wish fulfillment—the bad guys are silly and stupid and chubby and badly dressed and whitey-mcwhiteperson, but the good guys are all skinny and hipstery and white-but-not-as-white. All it makes me think of is temping in my youth at an ad agency, and what unutterable lazy, greedy, self-regarding prats almost all those people were.

But this is all a preamble to my real point which is - livejournal you never let me down. mac_hearts_pc is a livejournal community slashing the mac and PC avatars. I think it's based on the US avatars, but who cares. Exhibit A:
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