January 15th, 2007

breaking bad

Deadwood: language

I watched all the rest of Deadwood Season 2 in two long sessions of several hours each this weekend. I would say to anyone who hasn't seen it, Deadwood seasons 1 and 2 represent some of the highest quality television I have ever seen in my life. Quality that isn't genre-rooted like my love of firefly. The only reason not to seek it out and watch it is that it is very violent, with explicit sex and swearing, and for some lj-friends that is a deal breaker.

I thought some more about its immersive quality. kalypso_v is quite right to say Deadwood isn't realistic in the sense of naturalistic, and it gets less so as the season progresses, and yet to me it's what I call 'immersive' - you feel vividly immersed in the place and the story. Realistic in the sense that a dream seems real. Whereas a different kind of stylised pseudo-realism (let's say a soap opera) puts me off.

There are two striking features that distinguish Deadwood from other high-quality TV shows. One is the fine judgement of pacing, and the other is the language.
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