January 9th, 2007

breaking bad

But I haven't got a stitch to wear

Morrissey is in talks with the BBC about representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The BBC confirmed it was in talks with the singer to write and possibly perform a track for this year's contest in May. But a spokeswoman for the corporation warned "nothing is confirmed at the moment".

What a hoot!
breaking bad

New front in 'war on terror'

The US has begun air strikes on Somalia, according to the BBC and the Guardian. This is the first military action by the US in Somalia since that 'Black Hawk Down' thing. Matt Bryden, the International Crisis Group, said " It seems they decided to kill everything within a certain grid square and then find out what they had hit."

This will end well.
breaking bad


Has anybody seen Apocalypto yet? I am not feeling quite robust enough to watch visceral organs-out torture these days, though my son asked if I wanted to go with him.

I think Peter Bradshaw's glowing review in The Guardian might have been a bit generous ('pathologically brilliant... the film radiates a kind of electric, shamanic craziness'). I think he misunderstands Gibson's right-wing narrative dynamic.
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