December 12th, 2006

breaking bad

Pan's Labyrinth - non-review

I went to see Pan's Labyrinth with happytune last night (ETA - I mean earlier tonight). It is extremely good and I think you should try and see it while it's on at the cinema - but I passed out about half way through. It was really embarrassing, as the cinema was packed. I realised what was happening and had to do the 'excuse me, sorry, excuse me, sorry' past the whole row of people, thinking 'don't let it happen yet', and then when I got to the aisle I just thought 'hmm, lying down seems to make much more sense than standing up' and fell over. Luckily happytune took care of me and drove me home.

I've passed out in two films before: Eraserhead and The Tin Drum (both a long time ago). I don't faint at gore, so that wasn't the deal. I've been off work today, feeling very worn out, so perhaps I just tried to do too much. Anyway, to the doctor's in the morning.
breaking bad

Political values matrix thing

I tried a version of the political compass test called the moral matrix.

I was -3 on 'Moral Order' and 6 on 'Moral Rules' which makes me (apparently) an International Socialist: 'collectivist in values and anti-hierarchy in means to an end'.
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And just because I couldn't resist it, here is the other thing I found today - an old-time advert for stretchy underwear. Blimey.