November 15th, 2006

breaking bad

You are given two ropes and a lighter

After the cut is a challenging (to me) 'puzzle' test (taken from 3quarksdaily, which hasn't posted the answers yet). The puzzles generally need a mix of creative and analytical thinking. If you like a brain challenge, give them a try; getting them took me some time, and two I still can't answer.

I wasn't going to post the test (I'm too vain to post a test with 'I can't answer these') As I was drifting off to sleep last night I said to my subconscious 'come on then, see if you can work them out for me'. I was expecting to wake up in the morning with the answers. Instead I was awake for hours as the answers came jostling into my mind. Shows how powerful the subconscious is though - I wasn't even aware that I had memorised the questions.

Do post your answers in comments if you like. I'm going to post my answers later on today, and I'll link to the 'official' answers when they appear on 3quarks. Also, there are answer(s) in the comments to this post.
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breaking bad

That peculiar obsessive feeling

Anyway, posting those questions and then the answers has got it out of my system, and I feel more human again. Thanks very much for the comments and corrections. I think I've been in this stupid kind of geek mode today.

Do you know that feeling, where you get a puzzle in your head and the only way you can clear it is to solve it or communicate your puzzlement? I usually avoid puzzles for that reason - it's the opposite of relaxing. It might have something to do with being tired. Possibly something to do with internalising reason, and extroverting intuition, but let me stop myself there. I'm not about to start obsessing about anything else today. Not.