November 11th, 2006

breaking bad

The Prestige

I went to see The Prestige last night. I usually go to the cinema on the outskirts of the city, but the Prestige was only showing in the city centre. The cinema was full of kids who had no idea at all how to behave, poor things. They were just talking into their mobile phones (admittedly in whispers) and running up and down and kicking the seats and stuff. It was remarkable. My son was all 'don't get mad' but I wasn't annoyed, just surprised. Also there was an advert for the new Inarritu film 'Babel' and the kids behind me were all 'B-A-B-E-L? What does that mean? Babble?' And it struck me that people who have never heard of Bible stories are almost as benighted as people who believe them.

But enough whining about modern culture. I expected to like this film and I liked it. It only got two stars in the Guardian, but I think that's because Peter Bradshaw doesn't get genre conventions. I wouldn't say everyone would like it: it was way over the heads of the teenage audience, and a more sophisticated audience might criticise the emotional pacing.
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