October 7th, 2006

breaking bad

Course finals tomorrow

I'm doing my hypnotherapy exams tomorrow. If I pass I still won't be qualified. That's because I abandoned my written work when the course collapsed last July, and only picked it up again a few weeks ago, when it was reborn, so I am miles behind. I'm giving myself until Christmas to complete the write-up, though strictly I have 12 months. The written work is mostly case notes. I have completed all the cases, but I find writing-up to be emotionally and mentally demanding.

The 'exam' means conducting a one-hour therapy session under observation, and then writing up the case notes under exam conditions. The therapy I'll conduct is a type of regression called hypnoanalysis. You take the subject back to a stressful memory, and then explore it from a number of imagined viewpoints. I will also be the guinea pig for another student.

Oh, man, I suddenly feel completely shattered. Today was exhausting. However I am very glad I have been on this course.