October 5th, 2006

breaking bad

National Poetry Day

I'm out all day today. I am going with Victoria to Bristol, to check out the venue for our Board meeting. We are having a tour of the HP labs there, and looking round the hotel facilities. I may just have to check that the cream teas and cakes reach minimum standards (what diet? shhhh)

Meanwhile it's National Poetry Day in the UK. What to post?

hafren has posted a poem that uses Ancient Greek, redstarrobot has posted one in dinosaur language (read comments for a perfect translation). I thought it might be nice to post a poem written in non-standard English.

So here is 'Mi Revalueshanary Fren' by Linton Kwesi Johnson, which is one of my favourite modern poems. It's written as a deliberate phonetic rendering of his own performance.This is someone representing his own form of oral English - not an outsider pastiching it. The rhythm is brilliant.
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