September 26th, 2006

breaking bad

(not the) banned books of the year

It's '(not the) Banned books of the year' time! Yes, the American Library Association's annual list of most banned, challenged library books is out again (thanks for correction dfordoom). This is perfect for my blog, combining as it does two of my most irritating characteristics: an obsession with book lists and smug liberal superiority.
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I was also reading in the Guardian at the weekend that Mrs Gaskell banned her daughter from reading Jane Eyre until she was 20.

I tell you what, there are certainly books I would not have been happy with my kids reading when they were little. In fact my son left a copy of a Battle Royale manga lying about recently, and I told him to put in his room, because I didn't want my daughter to see it. So I'm not like 'Oh, little children can read Querelle of Brest and it'll be good for them'.

On the other hand, I used to read the Gollancz SF books my dad got from the library, when I was very young, and they were often not that suitable for an under-ten, and it never did me any harm *cough*.

Were your reading habits regulated in any way when you were a kid? By your parents, school etc?