September 22nd, 2006

breaking bad

Theology is bunk

The Pope criticises Islam for being irrational and enforced by violence, which is a bit unwise, because it makes everyone consider how his religion is exactly the same.

Someone says 'god doesn't want us to eat pork' another person says 'No, god doesn't mind pork but he hates condoms' and you have to think, what the hell are you talking about? How can there be any basis for resolving this dispute except by violence? It's never been resolved in any other way since monopolistic religion got started about 1500 years ago.
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breaking bad


I just had a phone call from my sister, who had spoken to my brother. Bridget my niece has grown quite rapidly. She's 2 kilos, I suppose about 5 pounds! Massive compared to what she was. She's out of the incubator, and feeding by mouth. She might be out of hospital within 3 weeks. Thought you would like to know as I have blogged about this before.