August 23rd, 2006

breaking bad

The Orkney case

There was a thought-provoking documentary on BBC2 last night about the Orkney child abuse scandal of the early nineties. I heard a lot about this at the time, because I used to go to Quaker meetings in those days, when I lived in Ealing in my early days with H. One of the accused families was Quaker.

I can't be even-handed about this or this post will be too long. This was a typical Satanic Panic, the authorities were in the wrong, and the children were wrongly taken away, treated like criminals, and brow-beaten for hours at a time (every day for 8 weeks) to 'confess' they had had sexual relations with their parents and other adults. They refused. The articulate middle class Quaker family got their kids back after a couple of months (thank god) the illiterate single mother whose abusive husband was in jail didn't get her kids back for five years. That's how it works.
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