August 17th, 2006

breaking bad

Are neo-cons fascists?

The Conservative view of ethics can be summarised with the sentence 'The Natural Order is the Moral Order'. That is, there is a natural structure to human life, and moral and political decisions should reflect this structure. While individual injustices and abuses should be dealt with, preserving the natural order will deliver the best outcomes in the long run (strict family roles are an example). A thoughtful conservative thinks this approach, although it suits him personally, also benefits all of mankind in the long run.

Of course Conservatives disagree about what is the 'natural' order. For example the Jacobites thought it was natural for Britain to be a Catholic country, and the Tories thought it was natural to have an established 'Church of England'.

Conservatism can be relatively benign, depending on what they claim is 'natural'. So-called paternalistic or one-nation conservatives claim that the natural order is one of mutual social obligation, albeit organised as a hierarchy.
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