July 14th, 2006


Insomnia and its causes

When my course went bust I didn't feel very much. The course led up to a double-qualification: we would get the certificate in counselling from the BACP and get on the general hypnotherapy register the latter isn't a very rigorous standard but it does allow you to practice. With the package they have cobbled together we would just get the GHR. Counselling was really just an add-on for me, that I wasn't going to pursue. So, in a sense, I haven't lost anything too important.

But I think I'm suppressing quite hard a feeling that I've wasted a year. Collapse )
breaking bad

C'est la vie

Sorry I have to laugh. The title of that last post for about one minute was a misspelled bit of French. I looked at it and thought, that spelling ain't right, I'll google it. The number one hit on google was some daft review I wrote in 2001 using the same pretentious and mispelled French phrase. At least I'm consistent.