July 8th, 2006

breaking bad

They did what?

Grateful hugs to H who has fixed our broadband. I think by making it wireless or something.

To celebrate I'm posting a Kissy kissy video here (all m/m if that even needs saying). It's not particularly sexy, but it's got some interesting combos. I never knew for instance that Christopher Reeve had a snog with Michael Caine (!!) and it's got the famous kiss from Sunday Bloody Sunday. Also Brandan Fraser - he gets about a bit doesn't he?

Sex and violence with Hugh Laurie here ('I hit him with a golf club... very sexily') and here ('You must forgive ze rough methods of my colleagues... zey are barbarians')

James Spader dancing with William Shatner here and kissing someone's tattoos here.

ETA - links fixed
breaking bad

Towards an SF taxonomy

So if SF readers are NT (intuitive and logical - yay) and fantasy readers are NF (intuitive and idealistic - boo) (just joking NF chums) what about writers? What we need is a taxonomy of SF writers.

So there are two ways of dividing NTs (henceforward referred to as 'us') we can be extrovert (E) or introvert (I) and we can be organised (J) or disorganised (P). This gives us a handy four-way division.
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