June 26th, 2006

breaking bad

World Cup

England vs Ecuador. We invited people round and made a day of it. My boss had earlier given me some champagne (because I helped him out when his car broke down) so we drank that in celebration. H cooked loads of food. All in all I was more or less drunk, full, and cheerful throughout. England as usual did barely what they need to do. But they did it. Ecuador weren't very good were they?

Portugal vs Holland. W.T.F? I blame the teams at least as much as the ref. What a disgraceful display of diving and sneaky fouls. I was by this time sobering up and trying to do the ironing. 16 yellow cards, four sendings off. It's a shame they were so badly behaved as they are both talented teams. Looking ahead, Portugal are miles better in defence than any team we have faced so far. They will be weakened and possibly chastened by the number of players banned or carded. We could beat them, though I find it hard to believe that we will.