June 5th, 2006

breaking bad

Your boys took a hell of a beating

I love the World Cup and I support England to win.

You know, I think Venezuela are quite right to want to keep the revenue of their own oil for their own people. I think it's disgusting to hear Bush warming up to make war on them. And if there was a war I would support Chavez against my own government.

But if we were playing football against Venezuela, then I would support England to win. Otherwise where is the fun in it? And where's the fun for the smaller or third world country that might beat us, if we English say 'Oh, we didn't want our team to win anyway.' Instead I think that if you go into a tournament you expose yourself to almost inevitable disappointment, and that's the intensity and fun of it. You want to win whole-heartedly, and you genuinely mind that you lose, and that is the greatest compliment you can pay to your opponents.

And to sum up, nicked from Crooked Timber, here are links to some of the all time ecstatic football commentators, expressing the intense joy in scoring against more favoured teams. Who would wish to dampen this joy?
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breaking bad


I've been reading my f-list and a lot seems to have happened while I was on hols. I seem to have missed this business about deleting your livejournal to protest the breastfeeding icon ban or something.

I did breastfeed, and I didn't go to the toilet with my baby to do it, as some people think we should. So I kind of feel I've done my bit. I don't feel that worked up about the lj thing, as I think it only applies to default icons? I think the lj owners are being rather idiotic, but I honestly don't feel too much emotion about it. I'm not criticising people who have decided to delete-for-a-day, and I think it's an excellent protest strategy, but I hope people don't think this ex-booby-barer is too square if I just let the whole thing pass me by.

What do you think about it? Are you going to delete your journal?