May 21st, 2006

breaking bad

Final thoughts on Green Wing

The writer says the Christmas Special will be the real end of the series, and Saturday's episode should be considered '8 of 9'. Final ep hasn't been written yet though. Hence the ambiguous nature of this episode I guess.

BTW - Doctor Who - nothing to say. Probably it's found its level, which is fine. I'll keep watching.
breaking bad

Sexy writers - strong late contender

An old friend came to stay this weekend. She grew up on a farm in Devon. Guess who had the next farm along? Yes - Ted Hughes. She said he used to come round to 'see the pig farrow' and then write poems about, you know, blood and death. Anyway, she was like 10 years old, and she's gay, but she said even so she thought he was 'incredibly sexy' and 'couldn't keep her eyes off him'.

So, another one for the sexy writers short-list.