May 19th, 2006

breaking bad


I've blogged about Lolita before. It's not a book I think I'll ever read. It seems that every male academic is eager to present Lolita as a book which endorses the sexual exploitation of girls. I have read so many men sleazing about this book that I never even considered reading it.

But I am open to persuasion. Several women including altariel have told me (if I understand correctly) that if I read it I'd find it was satirising these people and their attitudes. They have almost persuaded me that the joke is on the men who don't realise they are the object of the satire. So, yes, I can see this might be the case. I can see that there could logically be a book like that, and Lolita may be I am persuaded is that book.

It's hard to get past the crap that's written about it though. And there's so much of it.

Amanda at Pandagon (Lolita is her favourite book) has found a particularly loathsome example, whom she eviscerates here. Collapse )