May 18th, 2006

breaking bad


I continue to watch Deadwood
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I strongly recommend this series to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I think it's good enough to justify buying the first season on DVD, sight unseen, if you don't mind sex, violence and ultra-swearing. Strong characters wrestling with moral and psychological issues in a lawless society - what could be better. I admire the versatility and force of the writing.

I hope it is maintained at this quality.
breaking bad


For the first time in weeks I haven't got much to at work today, so I'm catching up with my therapy homework (writing up case studies) and posting to this blog. Tonight I've got my evening class. I am going to record a live counselling session onto a dictation machine, then submit the tape and written analysis of the session to the British association of Counsellors, and that's part of the accreditation system. It's continuous practical assessment more or less.

What doesn't help is that my daughter left for Berlin at 2.30 am last night (school trip - back Sunday) so today I am slightly weary and a bit anxious, though I know she'll be OK.

I booked a last-minute holiday for Spring Bank Holiday weekend (week after next) at a cottage in Fishguard, near the old harbour. Hope it's good. I think just decamping to a new location is useful, it forces you to take a break, but we normally take somewhere in the countryside. I just thought the kids might like to be somewhere they can go and explore under their own steam.