May 16th, 2006

breaking bad

Idea for a workshop

I might ask if I can run a workshop at Redemption. But tell me if you think I'm making a mistake.

I was thinking of doing a 'Monologue Workshop'. I'd get the words to some famous genre monologues ('Tannhauser Gate' , Simon's 'I am very smart' etc.) and then workshop them, with a view to the workshop members preparing them as very short performances. And then we could put them on as part of the Cabaret on the Saturday night, in various imaginative ways.

Obviously it was doing the Vagina Monologues that gave me the idea. I thought I might have an intro workshop on the Friday, or early Saturday, and then people would have the rest of the day to prepare - a late workshop to polish it up, and then on.

So - watervole and steverogerson - you are organisers - is this something that could be done? I understand if not.

And, more widely - can anybody suggest some good monologues from TV or film, and from books too. I'm thinking genre - so SF, fantasy, perhaps detective and noir. Or whatever you think of.