May 12th, 2006

breaking bad

Applying yourself

I've been on a course this week about competency-based recruitment. I'm very cynical about this type of thing, but the course itself was pleasantly presented, and the methodology seems intellectually sound, unlike most management fads. I had thought I understood it, but the course made me realise that I hadn't. Anyway, not very exciting, but that's where I've been this week, and why I haven't posted.

It becomes increasingly important to go to interviews armed with impressive anecdotes from one's career. Ah, but would you tell fibs? Fibettes?
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breaking bad


Deadwood has finally come to a channel I can watch. I have heard so much about it, particularly from archbishopm and kalypso_v. I thoroughly enjoy it. Also H sits and watches it with me (and he hardly watches any TV, least of all non-fiction). Also it keeps coming to my mind, which is a good sign in a film or a TV show.

My favourite character is Wild Bill Hickock, because he's played by Keith Carradine, whom I like a lot. Collapse )
Carradine was in one of my all time favourite films: Southern Comfort (directed by Walter Hill, who directed Deadwood) with Powers Boothe (who is also in Deadwood). Southern Comfort is about a band of Louisiana National Guardsmen who wander off the beaten path and get their asses kicked by the locals. It's somewhere between Deliverance and the Blair Witch Project.

What I like about it is the friendship between Carradine and Boothe. They recognise each other immediately, and without any overt comment, as the only two intelligent guys in the company, and I like the way that works out and develops.