April 29th, 2006

breaking bad

Worth the wait

Oh, I am so relieved that Doctor Who was good this week. This is the kind of stuff I want to see. A really excellent episode. What a relief. Delivered on all accounts I think.

I was watching with my Doctor-lovin' brother (he's so keen on the show he hangs out on the BBC boards) and I just kept saying to him, oh, this is good. Next week looks alright too, and the week after we have Cybermen. All manner of thing will be well.

And Criminal Intent was great this week too, after quite a few disappointments this season. Goren was very imposing and physical. I'm gaping at the screen, I can't believe my eyes. If you've ever watched this show it's the one where he dances forcibly with the male suspect and the DA observes he didn't see him planting evidence during this event. Eames 'That's because you were watching the wrong detective'. Wow. I certainly was.