April 10th, 2006

breaking bad

Acting dumb

doing 'brain exercises' such as (sudoku)... can make us all up to 40 per cent cleverer within seven days, according to research (reported in) a BBC programme this week. Observer yesterday.

If IQ is so malleable then this blows any previous research on IQ and genetics (and IQ and socialisation) out of the water. Because the variations associated with (stuff like) twin studies, race studies, richness of language, are variations of a few tens of points at the most.

What this research would imply is that a short-term change in attitude (some kind of energetic engagement) produces quick gains that dwarf this subtle variance.
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breaking bad

Space Travel's in My Blood

altariel cdybedahl and yonmei have posted today about whether 'it's better in space', and their examples have made me smile.

like - which is better:

'Finnegans Wake', or Finnegans Wake In Space?

'Yes Minister', or Yes Minister In Space?

It's a no-brainer innit? What isn't improved by going into space?

One foot in the grave.. the other in space

Honey we're killing the kids In space

Deal or no Deal IN SPACE!!!!

Incidentally I notice that the villain on last night's Ghost Ship (it's got submarines! and ghosts!) is Commander Travis. Coincidence? I think not.
breaking bad

Rumours of Death (of feminism)

hardrada says

In The Death of Feminism Phyllis Chesler believes that feminism has failed women throughout the world, by failing to stand up to the scourge of Islam. Seeing this article in print is like drinking fresh water on a hot day.

(read hardrada's comments in full here)

I think Chesler is utterly disingenuous and mischievous in criticising feminists. I could go on at length but here's a quick rant:
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breaking bad

Awful thought

Do you think the Bush administration is planning to drop tactical nukes on Iran? Preparing a contingency plan only to be used in extreme circumstances perhaps? Or chafing at the bit to get on with it as soon as they can?

What happens then?