April 1st, 2006

breaking bad

Green Wing

Green Wing is back! What a wonderful comedy it is. jekesta reminds me that 'I had forgotten about the women in Joanna's office and I LOVE THEM'. We are all very confused that Mark Heap can be so very repellent in it, when he is actually quite lovely.

Unfortunately at the end of it, Mac came out of his coma. This is a shame because up until then he had been having Life-On-Mars-type coma dreams in which he was Captain Kirk, and Alan Bates (wrestling with Oliver Reed) and all the boys in Take That.

How recently do you think it became acceptable on TV comedy to show a woman sexually assaulting a comatose man, and then injecting his sperm into herself with a massive injector-thing? Life changes very quickly.

Lordy there's a ___greenwing community.