March 27th, 2006


A poignant blog

I am feeling much better now, this is my first day back at work since last Tuesday. Thanks for the kind wishes, and I'm sorry I haven't been commenting or replying to comments.

A livejournal user deacon808 was killed in this Seattle rave shooting. How poignant his blog seems now. Posts about how he feels his life is about to undergo a big change, and he isn't going to go to parties any more.

I have see a few livejournals of people who have subsequently died and I think it gives you an eerie and compassionate feeling. Particularly as your average lj-er is so very young.
breaking bad

Submission guidelines

happytune went to a wedding this weekend (I've asked her permission to repeat the story) of an old University chum who has become an evangelical (CofE) Christian. Not only did the ceremony use the old Christian wording, where the woman swears to 'obey' the man but the pastor preached for 25 minutes on the biblical text 'Wives thou shalt submit to thy husbands'. Apparently he went so far as to say that women who did not accept this marital arrangement would be damned, as in burned for eternity.

My first comment is that to preach for 25 minutes at any CofE ceremony is considered bad manners; to preach for 25 minutes on a socially and theologically contentious issue at a wedding with guests of varied beliefs, is plain rude. The rudeness will be what people remember about you.

My second thought is, of course, that no person should ever swear to unconditionally 'obey' another, under any circumstances.
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