March 20th, 2006

breaking bad

Of our own device

On Sunday I saw altariel (to whom big thanks for her hospitality), edge_of_ruin, glitterboy, katlinel and merrymaia. I literally don't know where the day went. Mr altariel kept supplying incredibly good food. I drank lots and lots of cups of tea. We touched briefly on a few subjects of interest. Suddenly it was night-time. I suspect a kind of chronological anomaly.

Ford Prefect: 'Eddies in the space-time continuum.'
Arthur: 'Ah. Is he? And this is his sofa is it?'
breaking bad

My once upon a time

cruisedirector posted this poem by Sappho a few days ago

It is you who must pursue the violet-scented Muse
By Sappho (Translation by Mary Maxwell)

It is you who must pursue the violet-scented Muse with her gifts of beauty,
my young students, as well as continue to play a clear and melodious lyre.

I was lithesome once, but time and age have taken my body in their grasp,
and from glossy blackness my hair has been turned by them to brittle white.

Heavy my heart has become; my knees no longer can carry me; nor do I
dance as I did, in my once upon a time, as quick and supple as a fawn.
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breaking bad

Faster pussycat, kill, kill

I just went and had my hair cut. My hairdresser is an amateur boxer. She kept me entertained telling me all about a big fight she had in Coventry city centre with some other girls. It was quite exciting: 'She came at with with a bottle, and I took a swing at her, and I knocked her flat and I was like this' (gesturing with her upraised fist) 'and then I realised I was like bleedin' and she'd only caught me one, and chipped me tooth' (shows me damaged tooth). Crikey. I'm always aware that I'm living in the future, and now I'm living in a future where girl gangs brawl in the streets.