February 18th, 2006

breaking bad

We hear the playback and it seems so long ago

One of my guilty pleasures is 'Video Killed the Radio Star' by the Buggles. Now, thanks to the magic of technology you can hear this song rendered by the synthesised voice of Tom Baker.

You know, as a youngster anticipating what the future would bring, I never anticipated that we would use our awesome technological powers for this.

Tom tells a few jokes, recites some quotes from Full Metal Jacket, and politely asks Hal to open the pod bay doors here.

(forgot to say, got this from Nick Barlow and snowgrouse)
breaking bad

It's a mini adventure

Crooked Timber discuss the best TV miniseries ever made.

A miniseries, in a serial storytelling medium, is a production which tells a story in a limited number of episodes (wiki-def)

The top five proposed by Chris Bertram:

1. Heimat
2. Edge of Darkness
3. The Singing Detective
4. Our Friends in the North (catch the re-run on BBC4, Wednesdays)
5. Traffik (original version with Bill Paterson)

I never really got into Heimat, but the other four are among the best things I have ever seen. Amazingly Joanne Whalley is in two of them. Other nominations from me include 'Tutti Frutti' (Robbie Coltrane as a detective is in it) and 'Pride and Prejudice'. Now, you could stretch a point and include self-contained stories within long-running series, and that would let in the first season of Prime Suspect (perhaps the most gripping telly I had ever seen) and the Cracker story with Robert Carlyle in it. These are all long gone though - perhaps it takes time to realise.