February 13th, 2006

breaking bad

ten items

What I took in the end for my 'ten items'

- my work pass
- a bit of a broken vacuum cleaner
- a book I wrote
- a photo of my kids
- a compass
- a mirror frame that my son made for me at school years ago
- complete works of WB Yeats (battered and torn slightly foxed)
- ? something I've forgotten
- a planisphere
- one page of my translation of the Dao

That order is a gradual slide from the practical and impersonal to the personal and impractical, with my kids the pivot between the two. The person I was working with identified a theme of orienting yourself within chaos, by the imposition of order.
breaking bad

Calling all atheist animal lovers

Interesting money-making opportunity here.

Make hard CA$H from home while the world is in flames!
Are you an animal lover and also an atheist, agnostic, jew, muslim, or other non-Christian? If so, you might qualify for the JesusPets Partner Program!

JesusPets will pay YOU to take care of dogs, cats, and other pets after The Rapture. To qualify, you must agree with The JesusPets Partner Program Statement:

* I love animals, and am willing to care for pets after the Christian Rapture.
* I am not, and never have been a born-again Christian.
* I believe it is immoral to have sex with animals, and have no desire to do so.
* I believe it is immoral to consume common domesticated pets (note: this includes goldfish!), and have no desire to do so.

If you agree with this statement, then please contact JesusPets to join our international community of JesusPets Partners!

(Almost certainly a spoof damnit)
breaking bad

Expected blizzard of posts does not appear

No posts on my friends page from US east-coasters about the snow, (apart from the makinglight feed). Is this because they are made of stern stuff, and take the heaviest blizzard for 150 years in their stride, or because there is some kind of power supply/connectivity problem going on. Hopefully the former.