February 9th, 2006

breaking bad

The resemblance is uncanny

I ran one of those 'facial recognition' programs (I'll post the link when I find it again), with a photo of me, and it concluded I was half way between Katherine Mansfield and Jackie Chan.

I think these things rely very heavily on the angle and expression of your face. It will match you to someone with only a passing resemblance, but sitting at the same angle to the camera.

My son was identified as a mix between Jennifer connolly (he has long hair and straight eyebrows) and Michael moore (same glasses), and my daughter as kirsten dunst (same sweet smile) and Philip K Dick (not sure why - she doesn't have a beard or wrinkles).

ETA finally had the chance to go on the computer again and found it


You might like to try it - it's funny.
breaking bad

On 'Chompsky'

I was reading comments on the NASA guy who got the sack (for instance watervole correctly pointing out that 'It's so much easier to rubbish things you know nothing about') and I was reminded of some comments about Noam Chomsky on a right wing blog , including:

Noam Chompsky (sic) is an intellectually incompetent failure academically and a failure as a decent human being.

This seems to me to be quite typical of comments dismissing 'difficult ideas'. Now, heaven knows, people are allowed to hate Chomsky. They don't even have to have heard of Chomsky, as far as I am concerned. Right wing commentators could make remarks like 'Chomsky was a big noise in linguistics once, but his theories on deep structure are as useless as his anarchist ideals', or 'I don't know anything about Chomsky's linguistics theories, and if they are as ill-conceived as his politics I don't want to know'. I'd think those comments were mistaken but they wouldn't be f**cking stupid.

But to misspell the name of the greatest living theorist in his field, and to describe him as utterly incompetent and an academic failure is moronic. It's like saying 'I don't know what I'm talking about but I'm too stupid to realise it'.