February 7th, 2006

breaking bad

Look at those cavemen go

People might like to read ninebelow's review of Life on Mars at Strange Horizons. I like the amusing quote he found in The Sun '"what Life On Mars shows is that combining old-fashioned policing with today's technological advances is the way forward." Ah, that's what it shows!

There have been intriguing hints of more and better mysteries. Nowadays we always have to ask ourselves, will the hints come to anything, will the story be resolved? Even on British TV we have to ask, how long will they prolong the drama? Past its natural life?

if you were commissioning a second series what would you ask for? More of the same? A different time period (and which)?
breaking bad

Protests at depiction of founder of major religion

Brian in my office went to see 'Jerry Springer: The Opera' at the Birmingham Hippodrome last night. He says he had to run a gauntlet of 150+ Christian protestors, testifying, praying, waving placards, singing hymns and handing out leaflets. I await denunciation of these religious extremists by the defenders of free speech.

Yes, yes, I know they didn't set fire to anything, and I do completely support their right to protest.