January 25th, 2006

breaking bad

'I live with you'

People might enjoy nwhyte's post on the community shortform. He links to all this year's Nebula award nominees for short fiction, indicates where they are available online, and gives a potted review. I'm enjoying reading these stories.

I live with you by Carol Emswhiller is a very short story which is ambiguous in its meaning. It is about a woman who lives hidden in another woman's house. nwhyte thinks it may be a ghost story. I think it is about the parts of a person's mind. But when I first read it I thought it was about an ordinary flesh and blood person who has the capacity (or tendency) to be overlooked, as in The Glamour. It might be a social satire, or a story about some sort of pixie or angel.

What do you think? It wouldn't take long to read.

I found it interesting to read a story so short with so many possible meanings. You may think there is no privileged 'real' meaning. Do you prefer a story like that? or do you want to resolve the issue, even if only for yourself?